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Steering and Suspension Repair in Alpharetta, GA

The suspension and steering wheel system are responsible for connecting your car to the wheels and for supporting the weight of your vehicle. When maintained in their best shapes, these systems ensure a smooth ride for you and your passengers. They also allow you to have the utmost control of your vehicle on the road.

Since the suspension and steering systems are so important to your car’s overall operation, there are many components that can wear down over time. This is why regular inspections and maintenance of these systems is crucial for your safety, comfort and to avoid future costly repairs.

Some of the major components within the suspension and steering systems include:

Shock absorbers and struts

They are filled with fluid, which helps them in dampening the car spring's motion after a bump. Once they wear out, these components start leaking oil, which renders them ineffective. The final result is an overly uncomfortable and bumpy ride, and as such, they will need to be replaced.


Every suspension system is composed of numerous connective rods for wheel alignment. Fortunately, linkages are strong solid metals that rarely fail except in major accidents. All the same, they are linked with bushings and are mostly sold together. A bushing failure might call for the overall replacement of the entire linkage.

Coil Springs

A coil comprises a strong hardened spiral steel rod that supports the vehicle's weight and absorbs excessive shocks from large road bumps. While the springs are less prone to failure than the other components, they can also break, especially when the car hits the bump with too much force. This affects their functionality, which translates to a seriously uncomfortable ride.

Symptoms that Signal an Issue with the Steering and Suspension Systems:

  • Your car's tires shake and wander
  • Difficulty in steering
  • Excessive and continued bumping of the vehicle after hitting a pothole
  • Steering keeps slipping while driving
  • The vehicle keeps pulling on one side

When your car's suspension and steering wheel system fails, you need the right automotive expert to diagnose and offer you viable solutions. At Import Auto Repair, we are equipped with the best equipment and expertise, guaranteeing you high-quality services and ultimate customer satisfaction.

If you need steering or suspension repair in Alpharetta, GA, bring your vehicle to the experts here at Import Auto Repair today! Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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