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4 Signs That You Need New Brake Pads

4 Signs That You Need New Brake Pads

One of the most essential safety features of your automobile is your brake system. You must check how well your brakes are performing on a routine basis. As an industry consensus, brake pads should be replaced about every 50,000 miles. Nevertheless, every car is different, and there are various symptoms that your brakes may display to indicate a need for new brake pads. Symptoms of Worn Down Brake Pads Unusual Noise Coming From Brakes The first sign that it's time to restore your brake pads is if you catch persistent squeaking or squealing noises. You can expect squeaking brakes in wet road conditions. However, if you have squeaky brakes on a clear day, then there may be a problem. If your brakes are squeaking persistently, you should have a professional mechanic perform a thorough inspection.   Indicator Light Turns On Sometimes a light will come on your dashboard to indicate weak brakes. Newer vehicles have a sensor on the brake pad that will trigger when the brake pad ... read more

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