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Why Is There Smoke Coming From Underneath My Car’s Hood?

Why Is There Smoke Coming From Underneath My Car’s Hood?

Smoke billowing from the hood of your car is an unmistakable sign that something is definitely off. It could be a sign of a simple issue, or something is terribly wrong with your vehicle. It is normal to see a small white puff of smoke coming from your tailpipe after sitting overnight. It's just water vapor. On a rainy day, you may also notice some steam coming from the hood as water comes into contact with the exhaust or the radiator. However, if you are driving and suddenly smoke starts billowing from the engine or tailpipe, you need to stop immediately and take a peek. Before you panic, it is important first to understand what the color or smell of the smoke implies. Identifying the cause will help you determine whether to keep driving or to reach out to a repair shop for their expertise. What causes a car to smoke? When small amounts of motor oil or other fluids spill or leak from a damaged seal or gasket onto the exhaust system or a hot engine, it causes the production of s ... read more

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