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Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

Most of your car's interior has been designed to be odorless. Unless it's the new car's smell, you should be worried about any other odor coming from within it. Small details such as a smell of burnt rubber may indicate a potential mechanical or electrical problem that needs immediate attention—otherwise, it may lead to costly problems down the road. Because cars are designed to use a range of fluids that operates at high temperatures, pressures, and within high-speed moving components, the unusual odor may be becoming from a number of places and for different reasons. Below Are Some of the Most Common Smells That You Shouldn't Ignore Burnt Rubber An awful smell of burnt rubber usually comes from engine hoses and belts. It may mean that the belts are loose and slipping, or the hoses are rubbing against a moving part. Also, overheating clutch plates tend to smell like burnt rubber. Maple Syrup It might be a sweetish smell, but it is an indication of a leakage ... read more

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